TIS様 テキスト音声ダウンロード

・Speed Training
Lesson1:First Time Meeting

Small Talk:Business Trips
Lesson2:Second Time Meeting

Small Talk:Food
Lesson3:Second Time Meeting #2

Small Talk:Movies
Lesson4:Meeting at a Restaurant or Hotel

Small Talk:Restaurant
Lesson5:Meeting at an Airport, Conference, or Event

Lesson5:Meeting at an Airport, Conference, or Event2
Lesson6:Introducing a Subsidiary or Client Case

Small Talk:Drinking
Lesson7:Introducing Your Company

Lesson7:Short Presentation
Lesson8:Introducing Your Company 2

Lesson8:Short Presentation
Lesson9:Introducing a Service

Lesson9:Short Presentation
Lesson10:Introducing a Service2

Lesson10:Short Presentation
Lesson11:Introducing a Service(TIS Canvas-PALETTE)

Lesson11:Short Presentation
Lesson12:Introducing a Service(AI Services)

Lesson12:Short Presentation
Lesson13:Calling a Partner On Behalf Of a Client

Lesson13:Calling a Partner On Behalf Of a Client(ver.telephone)
Lesson14:Calling a Partner On Behalf Of a Client2

Lesson14:Calling a Partner On Behalf Of a Client2(ver.telephone)
Lesson15:Identifying a Client's Needs
Lesson16:Interviewing a Potential Partner
Lesson17:Meeting an Existing Partner to Discuss New Technology
Lesson18:Talking to a Potential Partner on Behalf of the In-House Team
Appendix:Having a Video Call / Conference with a Partner
Lesson19:Questioning a Client
Lesson20:Questioning a Client About Project Planning
Lesson21:Questioning an Overseas IT Vendor
Lesson22:Questioning an Alliance Partner
Lesson23:Questioning a Startup Company
Lesson24:Questioning Other Branches of TIS
Lesson25:Answering Questions About Finance
Lesson26:Answering Technical Questions About Solutions
Lesson27:Answering Technical Issues About Solutions/Services
Lesson28:Answering a Customer's Proposal Questions
Lesson29:Answering Questions About Project Planning
Lesson30:Answering Project Management Issues with Clients
Lesson31:Discussing Terms for Contracts - Requirements
Lesson32:Discussing Terms for Contracts - Timeline
Lesson33:Discussing Terms for Contracts - Confidentiality
Lesson34:Discussing Terms for Contracts - Payment
Lesson35:Proposing a Contract
Lesson36:Presenting a Final Contract










Training1-1 - R and L sounds

Training1-2 - B and V sounds

Training1-3 - Practice Sentences
Training2-1 - Sh and S sounds

Training2-2 - Th and S sounds

Training2-3 - Sh, S and T sounds

Training2-4 - Practice Sentences
Training3-1 - Consonant Blends

Training3-2 - Short Vowel Sounds

Training3-3 - Long Words

Training3-4 - Practice Sentences
Training4-1 - ly sounds

Training4-2 - R & L Sounds

Training4-3 - Practice Sentences
Training5-1 - ly sounds

Training5-2 - R & L Sounds

Training5-3 - Practice Sentences
Training6-1 - Informal Contractions

Training6-2 - Katakana English

Training6-3 - Practice Sentences
受付時間 平日:10:00〜21:00 土日祝:10:00〜18:00